Working at UCLA

Graduate programs at UCLA offer employment opportunities to graduate students, including teaching and research assistantships.  Additional work resources are available here, such as special readers, departmental scholars, postdocs, and internships.


Teaching Assistantships (TAs / TA’ships)

A Teaching Assistantship (TA) is a meaningful way for graduate students to obtain teaching experience. Teaching assistants are selected on the basis of scholarship and promise as teachers. Duties may include teaching, holding office hours, preparing course materials, and grading under the tutelage and supervision of regular faculty members who are responsible for curriculum and instruction in the University.

If you are interested in a TAship, first confirm that you meet TA eligibility criteria, then identify departments you may want to work for. Contact them regarding TA openings. Here you can find TA contacts per program. You can also sign up on the ASE/GSR Marketplace to receive announcements on open Teaching Apprenticeship positions.

Applicants whose first language is not English: please see how to qualify for a TA appointment on the Test of Oral Proficiency for UCLA Graduate Students.

Dept Scholars

Departmental Scholars

Departmental scholars, distinguished undergraduate students recognized by departments, are eligible for apprentice teaching appointments in lower-division courses with departmental endorsement and Graduate Division approval after the qualified pool of graduate students is exhausted.

If you are interested in a TAship, first confirm that you meet the TA eligibility criteria.


Readers & Special Readers

Readers/Special Readers assist faculty members with the reading and grading of students’ papers and exams under the guidance and direction of faculty members. Readers must have taken and received at least a B in the course for which they are hired, while Special Readers must have taken and received at least a B+ in the course for which they are reading. Readers are appointed for undergraduate numbered courses (1-199), while Special Readers are hired for upper-division undergraduate or graduate-level courses (100 and above).

Readerships are positions appointed by each graduate program. View the PDF on this page for programs that provide Readership opportunities.



The primary duty of a Tutor is individual or small group review instruction related to, but not required in, specific courses. The duty is performed under the supervision of faculty “instructors of record” or designated staff members who are vested with the sole and final responsibility for course content, work assignments, performance evaluations, and grading in the assigned course and its related tutoring.

Tutors must contact the program they’re interested in for open positions.

Research Assistants (RAs)

Research assistants are appointed to the Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) title and are selected on the basis of scholastic achievement and promise as creative scholars. GSRs assist faculty with scholarly research under the direction and supervision of a faculty member.

Graduate Work-Study at UCLA

Federal work-study grants are available to “financially need eligible” graduate students to complete part-time paid internships, community service, research projects, or other endeavors closely related to their academic degree program.

Eligibility Criteria for Employment

Eligibility Criteria for TAs, RAs, Readers & Tutors (Academic Apprentice Personnel)

TAs and RAs are considered Academic Apprentice Personnel (AAP). This term applies to registered graduate students who have fulfilled the University’s established criteria for appointment (no more than 50% time) to teaching or research assistantships and for which they are compensated at rates approved annually by the Regents of the University of California. The University of California considers Academic Apprentice Personnel primarily as students being professionally trained, and graduate student status takes precedence over University employment.

Graduate students who hold AAP appointments must meet criteria including the following:

  • Registered/enrolled in at least 12 units continuously for the term(s) of appointment.
  • Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA at the time of hire.
  • Supervised by a UCLA faculty member.

Eligibility Criteria for Departmental Scholars Approved as TAs (Academic Apprentice Personnel)

Departmental Scholars students who want to be appointed as a Teaching Assistant must meet the criteria, including the following:

  • Cannot exceed 25% appointment in any term
  • Must have a 3.5 GPA
  • Must have completed 12 quarters at UCLA if entered as a freshman or 6 quarters if entered as a transfer
  • Must have completed 8 upper division courses toward the undergraduate major
  • Must be enrolled in at least 12 units

All hired TAs must complete the Campus Wide TA Training Requirements administrated by the Center for the Advancement of Teaching (CAT)

Please see the Academic Apprentice Personnel Manual for further details.

AAP Employment Resources