About Us

Graduate Education at UCLA

As one of the nation’s leading public universities, the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) is dedicated to creating an academic environment that celebrates the rich diversity of our campus and the communities we serve. Committed to teaching, research, and public service, our faculty are among the highest-ranked scholars in the world and have received international academic recognition. Six UCLA faculty members have been awarded Nobel Prizes, more than 300 have received Fulbright Scholarships, 3 are Pulitzer Prize winners, and over 270 have been awarded Guggenheim Fellowships. Graduate students work side-by-side with faculty in scholarly exploration that has built UCLA’s international reputation and legacy of preparing future leaders who make significant contributions in all areas of society.

Applying for Graduate Study at UCLA

UCLA offers graduate degrees in over 140 programs. Almost every academic program is a subset of a department, which in turn is a subset of a school, institute, or division. Aspiring students to academic programs apply through a single application. See our Steps to Apply. At the beginning of the application you specify your program, then the application will customize questions, requirements, and requests for supplemental material for that specific program. For applicants to professional schools for JD, LLM, DDS, full-time MBA, FEMBA, and EMBA the application process is unique for each, and in general you apply through that program’s site: UCLA School of DentistryUCLA School of LawAnderson School of Management, and David Geffen School of Medicine. You can direct further questions directly to the individual programs themselves.


The UCLA Division of Graduate Education

The Division of Graduate Education at UCLA is responsible for the overall quality and progress of graduate education at UCLA. The Division of Graduate Education serves as the administrative core for graduate recruitment and admissions. Over the years between your Graduate Welcome Reception and the awarding of your degree, we will also participate in the milestones marking your individual academic progress and work to ensure that the education you receive here continually strives for the highest quality.

How To Find Us

Individual UCLA Graduate Programs are spread across campus, and each address is listed on their program page.  Division of Graduate Education offices are located on the first floor of Murphy Hall. Our walk-in hours are from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday and our phone hours are from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday. You can find us in the northeast section of campus.


What We Do

Here is a list of the Division of Graduate Education offices and programs to help you find the services you need.

Office of the Deans

1237 Murphy Hall

The Graduate Dean oversees the Division and is an ex officio member of the Graduate Council. The Dean and the Associate Deans provide academic leadership for program development, planning, and decision making in the Division of Graduate Education. The deans are available for assistance if students cannot solve problems within their departments.

Academic & Postdoctoral Services (APS)

1255 Murphy Hall

Academic & Postdoctoral Services is responsible for advancing the academic life cycle of graduate education by providing the following services to current graduate students and visiting graduate researchers as well as the authorization and administration of all Postdoctoral Scholar appointments at UCLA and policy development and compliance.

  • Learn more about Graduate Studies for current students at UCLA
  • Questions Academic Services can help current students with:
    • Leave of Absence and Withdrawal
    • Foreign Language Requirements
    • Major/Classification Change
    • Filing Fee
    • Intercampus Exchange and Cross Enrollment Programs
    • In-Absentia registration
    • Master’s and Doctoral Committees
    • Master’s and Doctoral Examination Requirements
    • Master’s and Doctoral Advancement to Candidacy
    • Thesis and Dissertation Filing
    • Doctoral Hooding Ceremony

Learn more about Postdoctoral Scholars

  • Postdoctoral Scholar Services and questions APS can help Postdoctoral Scholars with:
    • Appointments and Reappointments
    • Postdoctoral Scholar Appointment Verifications
    • Postdoctoral Scholar Policy
    • President’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program
    • Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

Learn more about Visiting Graduate Researchers

  • Visiting Graduate Researcher Services and questions APS can help Visiting Graduate Researchers with:
    • Appointments
    • Fee assessment and stipend processing

Budget & Personnel

1237 Murphy Hall

Responsible for the financial management of all division funds, as well as purchasing, accounts payable, and personnel transactions.

Diversity, Inclusion & Admissions

1247 Murphy Hall

Responsible for outreach, recruitment, and graduate admissions. The Diversity, Inclusion & Admissions (DIA) staff provides programs that support individuals currently underrepresented in graduate education. The office also coordinates summer research programs, institutional recruitment days, and workshops to promote graduate diversity and inclusion.

  • Learn more about Graduate Admissions
  • Learn more about Diversity in Admissions at UCLA
  • Questions DIA can help you with:
    • General information only
    • Admission requirements
    • TOEFL & IELTS Scores
    • ESL requirements
    • Fee waivers
    • Tuition & living expenses
    • GPA/GRE/Institutional requirements
    • Academic records (U.S. & International)
    • Online allocation troubleshooting
    • Diversity general information
  • Questions about online application are answered on our Admissions FAQs
  • Direct specific questions to your Graduate Program

Fellowships & Financial Services

1228 Murphy Hall

Administer fellowship applications, award processing, and other financial processes and transactions.

  • Learn more about Financial Support
  • Learn more about Tax Information & Forms for UCLA Award Recipients
  • Questions Fellowship Services can help you with
    • University and extramural fellowships
    • Graduate and Postdoctoral Education Support (GRAPES)
    • Fellowship directories
  • Questions Financial Services can help you with:
    • Academic Apprentice Personnel Requirements and Fee Remissions
    • Graduate Work-Study Program
    • Fellowship Contracts (Offer of Graduate Student Support)
    • Fellowship Payments
    • Tuition, Nonresident Supplemental Tuition and Stipends
    • TA Advance Loans
    • TA/GSR Fee Deferral

Graduate & Postdoctoral Success

1252 Murphy Hall

Graduate & Postdoctoral Success is responsible for supporting the academic success, effective mentoring, retention, and professional development of graduate academic and professional students and postdoctoral scholars, with a particular emphasis on populations underserved and underrepresented in higher education.

Services Graduate & Postdoctoral Success offers to support current students and postdocs:

Information Technology

1252 Murphy Hall

Information Technology staff develop, maintain, and support all the Division of Graduate Education computer systems, functions, and applications. They provide business strategy and project management expertise.

Institutional Research

1252 Murphy Hall

Institutional Research is responsible for providing business intelligence reporting and analytics to internal and external stakeholders.

Operations & External Relations

1237 Murphy Hall

Operations & External Relations oversees the Division of Graduate Education’s events and meeting production, facilities management, external relations, operational effectiveness and staff relations.