Why Give

UCLA’s graduate students are some of the brightest minds on our campus, tackling the world’s biggest challenges. They serve as mentors to inspire countless undergrads. They push the boundaries to make breakthrough discoveries. They are the next generation of scientists, scholars, innovators and industry leaders.

Since awarding the first graduate degree in 1913, UCLA’s graduate students have been honored with the world’s highest accolades including 16 Nobel Laureates, 11 National Medals of Science, 15 MacArthur Fellowships and 3 Pulitzer Prizes. These extraordinary achievements would not be possible without our generous supporters who enable our students to reach their fullest potential.

As the administrative hub for 133 graduate programs across the UCLA campus, the Division of Graduate Education serves as the nexus from which over 14,000 graduate students and postdoctoral scholars advance their education and research. Central to our mission is providing opportunities to propel students forward in their academic and professional careers. Through increased fellowship funding, we can attract and retain the most competitive students; through summer research and professional development workshops, students can develop their research portfolios and networks, and with a diverse network of graduate student resources and postdoctoral services, our students can access important day to day support that ensures their time at UCLA remains healthy and fulfilling.

“Alumni and donor giving offers crucial support to the important work undertaken daily by faculty and graduate students. It allows for cutting-edge and innovative research and teaching on campus and contributes to building a stronger, better future for everyone.

Susan Ettner
Dean, UCLA Division of Graduate Education
Professor of Medicine and Health Policy and Management


provides one full graduate recruitment fellowship award for a student
of graduate students rely on financial aid to complete their graduate degree
of graduate student support comes from fellowships

To make a gift or to learn more about UCLA Division of Graduate Education opportunities, please contact:

Michelle Chang

Associate Director of Development
(310) 983-3393