Academic Case Management

Our primary goal is to assist students in addressing a diverse range of academic challenges. We achieve this by offering consultations and by referring students to the appropriate resources. These challenges can encompass academic difficulties, communication issues, and interpersonal conflicts. As Academic Case Managers, we serve as reliable references for both students and departments, guiding them towards solutions and success.

Examples of challenges:

  • Taking Incompletes for courses and/or having a low GPA
  • Not making progress and/or failing to meet program expectations
  • Potential dismissal from a program
  • Considering whether to take a Leave of Absence (LOA)
  • Feeling overwhelmed with school/work
  • Having difficulties communicating/working with a faculty advisor or PI
  • Facing challenges with finding a new advisor
  • Needing student/workplace accommodations


Refer: We serve as a resource hub by referring scholars to relevant academic resources and services within the UCLA community.
Connect: We facilitate coordinated support for scholars through our connections with various departments and campus partners.
Explore: We help scholars and departments explore potential solutions and options by explaining relevant policies and procedures.


  • Graduate Education does not provide direct funding. Please refer to financial resources available on campus.
  • Every department is responsible for informing students important decisions and academic updates.
  • Graduate Education does not determine student’s progress or lack thereof. Departments are responsible for evaluating students’ progress according to the published program requirements and assessment.
  • Academic Case Managers do not impede or hinder students’ ability to utilize campus resources.


Please fill out the intake form or email to have an Academic Case Managers get in touch with you.