Diversity in Admissions

UCLA is committed to increasing diversity in graduate education. We embrace the principles of diversity and inclusion to understand, appreciate, and respect differences in cultures and customs, religious beliefs, gender identity, sexual preferences, and political points of view. The Office of Diversity, Admissions, and Inclusion (DIA) in the Graduation Division at 1247 Murphy Hall is open Monday through Friday, 9:00am-3:00pm to answer any and all of your questions regarding diversity in admissions and inclusion efforts. If you need online assistance with your application, please email DIA. The on-campus, UC-wide, and California-based programs that DIA and other UCLA units sponsor for current and aspiring graduate students can be found on the diversity resources page.

Our graduate population reflects broad intellectual interests and includes students from many cultures and backgrounds. We feel it crucial to continue to increase the diversity of our graduate student population so the university community more accurately reflects the demographics of California and the nation. Diversity statistics are available within each graduate program’s statistics section. Search for a program here, then head to the Program Statistics tab.


Diversity is a core value of UCLA. It enables us to provide a broad, enriching educational experience that stimulates intellectual curiosity, creativity, productivity, and success. We take great pride in the many backgrounds and cultures represented on our campus.

Carlos V. Grijalva
Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience
& Associate Dean of UCLA’s Graduate Division

The University of California, Los Angeles supports diversity principles and practices throughout our classrooms and across campus. We strive to make resources available to students from every background throughout their entire UCLA career. More details can be found in the UC Guidelines For Addressing Race and Gender Equity in Academic Programs in Compliance with Proposition 209 or the Chancellor’s Statement on Diversity.

Diversity Fellowships for Incoming Students

General information on scholarships and fellowships can be under the funding tab maintained by the Office of Fellowships and Financial Services. Below are some of our diversity-specific resources, financial opportunities and initiatives aimed at supporting, attracting, and sustaining diverse students at UCLA.


Summer research opportunities for undergraduates

Our outreach efforts extend to undergraduate students, too. As a prospective graduate student, you know how important it is to explore your options early in your academic career. These programs are designed for undergraduates who wish to learn more about the graduate school experience and possibly pursue an academic career in teaching and research.