Diversity at UCLA

Graduate education at UCLA couldn’t have reached the heights it has without a full commitment to welcoming and fostering the diverse population that today thrives on our campus.

Whether your first point of contact with UCLA is our Diversity, Inclusion & Admissions team or with an individual department, our units work together to make the application process easy, welcoming, and accessible. Once here, the Graduate Division academically supports diversity initiatives to ensure a welcoming environment. We’re proud that this commitment is reflected in our diverse population of 15,724 graduate students, their faculty, and support staff.

Diversity statistics are available within each program’s statistics section. Search for a program here, then head to the Program Statistics tab.


Below we’ve highlighted some widely-used diversity resources for current and entering students, more resources are available on our Admissions Diversity page.

UCLA Graduate School Diversity Flag


California and the UC system actively encourage diversity with support of these initiatives:

Learn more at Diversity in UCLA Graduate Admissions.