Opportunities to Give


Fellowships are a vital component of graduate life. Your gift helps reverse the financial disparities our students face, enabling them to focus on their groundbreaking research and develop new pathways for discovery. Through increased fellowships and award packages, UCLA can offer competitive packages to the most qualified students.

“The funding I was provided allowed me to focus on my research and expand my knowledge. It helped me develop a deep expertise and set me up for future success. It also instilled in me a deep respect and interest in public service and public research institutions, and motivated me to give back to UCLA and my program annually to support the next generation of scholars.”

Sarah Kapnick, MA 2007 and PhD 2011, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

Giving to graduate fellowships at UCLA secures support for students and their groundbreaking research while ensuring that the caliber of students who teach and inspire future generations can do so at the highest level.

Summer Research Programs

Summer research programs are crucial to UCLA graduate researchers. Through these programs, students can boost their research as soon as they are admitted and continue throughout the year – enabling continued faculty support and innovative research. In addition, these programs often allow students’ careers to progress to the next level.

“The Competitive Edge Summer Bridge Program was an amazing opportunity and gateway to the UCLA graduate community. The program was crucial in shaping my research and ultimately led to what my doctoral thesis is today.”

Francisco Ramos, Doctoral Candidate, Clinical Psychology, 2019

By supporting summer programs such as the Graduate Summer Research Mentorship (GSRM) and Competitive Edge, you are helping to provide students with the opportunity to develop their passions and find new way pathways into their research and the scholarly community.

Graduate Recruitment Fellowships
Fellowships to Attract and Support our Top Graduate Students

For a majority of graduate students, fellowship opportunities are critical when deciding what program to choose and where, and how they can effectively plan for their academic future. The Graduate Recruitment Fellowship (GRF) initiative bridges the gap in funding offered to incoming doctoral students who are on the brink of deciding whether UCLA Grad is the right place for them, and offers a safety net for continuing students who need additional support from the Division of Graduate Education in order to continue their programs successfully.

Through the Graduate Recruitment Fellowship fund, we can build a consistent pipeline of financial aid that bridges any funding gaps that may arise throughout students’ tenure at UCLA, and better establish a holistic support system that guarantees student academic progress. Indeed, the key to recruiting new graduate students is not just in offering robust first-year packages but also in reinforcing our reputation as an institution that provides consistent student support throughout the entire academic journey.

Postdoctoral Fellowships and Services

UCLA is unique in its position of attracting the best scientists and scholars and launching homegrown talent through an academic and professional network that spans universities and institutions across the globe. The exchange of postdoctoral scholarly work within the UC network is unparalleled compared to any other university system.

Supporting postdoctoral fellowships and services strengthens a vast network of scholarly research and teaching that enhances the constant flow of knowledge within and outside campus, enabling the graduate community to collaborate, expand research horizons, and access leadership positions.

Professional Development

A key component of graduate life is their work done outside the classroom and laboratories at professional development workshops and through travel. These opportunities are vital in creating holistic experiences that allow students to discover new opportunities for advancement as scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, and leaders.

Support for graduate professional development can provide:

  • Opportunities for students to attend and present at conferences and workshops worldwide
  • Support for campus-wide events such as Grad Slam
  • Networking opportunities for students to collaborate across disciplines


Graduate students come to UCLA to make creative contributions and research discoveries that advance human knowledge. Your gift supports GRAD Slam, a University of California-wide competition, that enables students to showcase their groundbreaking research and its potential impact on the world. To learn more about Grad Slam.