FAQs of Life at UCLA

Here you’ll find answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to life at UCLA graduate school.


How do I get my UCLA ID card?

To apply for your UCLA ID card visit the BruinCard Office. The BruinCard will serve as your official university I.D., pre-paid debit card for purchases on and off campus, library card, gym pass and laundry card. To pick up your BruinCard please visit the BruinCard Center in 123 Kerckhoff Hall.

How do students get access to library and computer facilities?

Once registration fees and tuition are paid, access to the library resources can be obtained at any campus library. Library privileges are free to all registered students. Computer facilities are also free to registered students who can establish an account by using a new user terminal at the CLICC Lab in Powell Library or the Student Technology Center by Delta Terrace.

How do students get parking on campus?

On-campus parking is limited, and applications for permits must be submitted annually to UCLA Parking Services, 555 Westwood Plaza, (310) 825-6918. Daily parking permits are also available at parking information booths found at various locations on campus. Information about student parking is available online at the Transportation and Parking website.

What other means of transportation are available?

Options include vanpools, carpools, buspools, public transit, bicycles, scooters, and motorcycles. The BruinGo! program allows members of the UCLA community to ride the Santa Monica Big Blue Bus and Culver City Bus at a reduced fare by using their BruinCard. Go Metro program offers discounted quarterly transit passes for Metro bus and rail lines. For more information view Getting to UCLA on the Transportation and Parking website.

What housing options are available to graduate students?

UCLA offers two off-campus apartment complexes: University Apartments North and University Apartments South. Information on housing is available at the Housing Office, 270 De Neve Drive, (310) 825-4271. Other apartments are available at the following numbers: Gayley Apartments, (310) 794-8600; Barrington/Manor, Sawtelle/Sepulveda, University Village, or Rose Avenue, (310) 398-4692; Keystone/Mentone, (310) 837-1373; and Venice/Barry, (310) 397-3517.

What recreational activities are offered at UCLA?

UCLA Recreation offers state-of-the-art fitness workouts, masters swim workouts, intramural and club sports, dozens of recreation classes, water sports at the Marina Aquatic Center, and open recreation at most campus facilities. For information, contact Cultural and Recreational Affairs at 2131 John Wooden Center, (310) 825-3701.

What discounts are available to me as a student?

The Central Ticket Office, (310) 825-2101, sells tickets for all campus athletic and entertainment events. In order to obtain discounts for which students are eligible, you must present your BruinCard at the time of purchase so that your status may be validated. CTO also sells bus passes and tickets to movies and other off campus athletic, cultural, and entertainment events. In addition, most Westwood Village merchants and local movie theaters offer student discounts. For those seeking to purchase personal computers and software, the ASUCLA Computer Store offers educational discounts computers, equipment, and name-brand software.

How can a student find employment on campus?

On-campus jobs are listed in the UCLA Career Center, (310) 825-2981. Positions are also available with ASUCLA; for information contact the ASUCLA Personnel Office at 3519 Ackerman Union, (310) 825-7055. Academic apprentice appointments are handled at the department or program level. Please note that graduate students, by University policy, are permitted to work on campus no more than 50% time while registered and enrolled, and most foreign students on F1 and J1 visas are prohibited from working in excess of 50% time.

What services are available for international students?

The Dashew Center for International Students and Scholars provides services and programs to UCLA’s international community. The services include personal counseling on visa and immigration issues, financial and tax matters, academic adjustment, insurance, and release of funds from other countries. The Center also supports international and intercultural programs which assist student and scholars to adjust to the community, including housing assistance, community services, friendship families and English conversation groups. The Center is located in the Tom Bradley International Center at 417 Charles Young Drive West, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1379, (310) 825-1681.