Academics FAQs

Here you’ll find answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to UCLA graduate academics.


When are registration fees due each term?

Registration fees for graduate students must be paid before each term. Fees can be paid by check, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover), or cash. View the Registrar’s Term Calendar for specific dates. Questions regarding graduate fees should be directed to the Registrar’s Office at 1113 Murphy Hall, (310) 825-1091.

Can registration fees be deferred for graduate students?

Only academic apprentices (e.g., TAs and Graduate Student Researchers) are eligible for fee deferrals. Apprentice teaching and research appointees are eligible to receive, on request, a deferment of registration fees (and nonresident tuition, if applicable). A fee deferral allows qualified graduate students to postpone paying fees and nonresident tuition for two months beyond the stated deadline. See your departmental graduate advisor to request a fee deferral.

Why would graduate students request In Absentia Registration?

Graduate students planning on studying or conducting research outside of California can petition for In Absentia Registration to receive a reduction of one-half of the campus registration fees. For more information see petitions on the Academics page.

How do graduate students enroll in, drop, or add classes?

To enroll in classes and to drop or add classes, graduate students use MyUCLA, a web-based student enrollment system. View MyUCLA Tutorials.

Why should out-of-state graduate students seek California residency for tuition purposes?

California residents do not pay nonresident tuition. Therefore, upon arrival in California, a graduate student wishing to gain California tuition residency should establish ties with the state (i.e., get a driver’s license/California ID, register automobile, register to vote, change the permanent address on University records to a California address, and file a resident tax return). Contact the Residence Deputy at 1113 Murphy Hall, for more residency information; by University policy, only the Residence Deputy is authorized to apply and interpret policy on tuition residency.

Where should graduate students report name or address changes?

Name changes should be reported to the Registrar’s Office. Graduate students are urged to maintain their mailing, permanent, and email address listings online using MyUCLA. Changes can also be made, and revised documents can be obtained at 1113 Murphy Hall and most student service offices in Murphy Hall.


What are the requirements for graduate degrees?

Graduate degree requirements are outlined in Program Requirements for Graduate Degrees at UCLA. While most of these requirements are pretty specific and graduate students are usually held to them, in some instances, there may be room to accommodate special academic needs via petition. For specific details, graduate students should consult the department or program.

How do graduate students determine if they are performing work at the level required by their program?

A university minimum grade point average of 3.0 is required to remain in good academic standing, and a 3.0 average is required in all courses taken toward a graduate degree. Some departments have more stringent requirements, and the graduate student should consult the department regarding academic standards. Also, departments and programs often list specific timeline expectations for completion of degree requirements under “Time to Degree” in Program Requirements for Graduate Degrees at UCLA.


Who do I contact if I am worried about my academic success?

Academic Case Management provides problem-solving support, resources, and advocacy for external challenges impacting a student’s personal and/or academic success. Please get in touch with our Academic Case Managers at if you are concerned about your academic success. We are here to help.