Graduate Council

An excellent example of shared governance, the Graduate Council and the Division of Graduate Education work together to determine and administer policies on graduate education at UCLA. While the organizational structure of the University of California clearly separates the policy and decision-making duties of the Graduate Council from the administrative duties of the Division of Graduate Education, the two are closely intermeshed through the Graduate Council’s delegation of decision-making in certain areas to the dean. The close cooperation between the dean of the Division of Graduate Education and the chair of the Graduate Council ensures that graduate standards at UCLA are upheld and the quality of graduate programs are protected and promoted.

The Graduate Council

The Graduate Council is a standing committee of the UCLA Academic Senate. In keeping with the University’s commitment to the philosophy of shared governance, the Council is responsible for the establishment of policy and standards for graduate education at UCLA; the approval, review, and monitoring of graduate degree programs; and recommendations regarding fellowships and assistantships.

The Division of Graduate Education

The UCLA Division of Graduate Education is responsible for administering policy established by the Academic Senate and its Graduate Council for master’s, doctoral, and graduate professional degree programs other than the professional degree programs in Dentistry, Law, and Medicine. The Division oversees graduate recruitment and admissions, including the recruitment of a diverse student body, fellowships, teaching and research assistantships and other graduate student support, and the maintenance of high quality standards in all UCLA graduate programs.

Policies & Guidelines