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UCLA Graduate Division

Filing Fee for Graduate Students

Summary of Filing Fee Requirements


Summary of Filing Fee Requirements*
Eligibility Both doctoral and master's students must have been registered the preceding quarter. For more information see below.
Procedure The student completes the form and then obtains signatures from the chair/authorized faculty advisor and chair of the thesis committee or doctoral committee (if applicable). The student then submits the completed form to Graduate Division Academic Services. If the Graduate Division approves the Filing Fee application, the student is billed for the amount of the fee.
Deadline The Filing Fee petition must be submitted no later than the 2nd week of class for the Fall, Winter and Spring terms.
There is no deadline for Summer. We recommend that you submit your Filing Fee application to Academic Services at least 10 days prior to the September 9, 2015 Summer filing deadline.
Duration A Filing Fee is approved 1 quarter per degree.
Exceptions By exception, retroactive Filing Fee petitions may be approved; such approval is at the discretion of an Associate Dean or the Dean of the Graduate Division.
Master's students who were on Filing Fee and failed their comprehensive exam are eligible to use a second Filing fee to retake their comprehensive exam. For more information see frequently asked questions below.

* Excerpted from Standards and Procedures.


Eligibility Criteria

If a student has completed, while registered, all requirements for a degree except the filing of the thesis or dissertation and/or the final examination (master’s comprehensive or doctoral final oral examination), the student may be eligible to pay a Filing Fee during the quarter in which the degree is to be awarded instead of registering. Four conditions must be satisfied to be eligible for this fee:

  1. All formal requirements for the degree, except for filing the thesis/dissertation and/or taking the master's comprehensive/doctoral final oral examination, must be completed before the first day of classes;
  2. Since last being registered and up to the first day of classes, the combined use of University facilities and faculty time must not exceed 12 hours;
  3. During the quarter in question, the thesis/dissertation committee suggested only stylistic and/or typographical changes in the thesis/dissertation OR, in the case of master's comprehensive examinations, the faculty only administered the comprehensive examination; and
  4. The student must have been registered in the previous quarter.

Important Notes

  1. While on Filing Fee you must meet certain criteria to be eligible to purchase voluntary UCSHIP coverage. For complete information on coverage requirements please see non-registered UCSHIP.
  2. Students paying the filing fee are not eligible for the privileges normally accorded regularly registered students, such as the use of University facilities, other than the attention of the faculty necessary for the final reading of the dissertation or thesis and/or the taking of a doctoral final oral examination or master's comprehensive examination.
  3. A student may not use this fee for the purpose of taking course work of any kind.
  4. If the student is a fellowship or assistantship holder, an alien with a certain visa or one whose status depends on maintenance of a particular course load, the student is not eligible to use the filing fee.
  5. The filing fee is not a substitute for registration for purposes of deferring student loans.
  6. If, after paying the filing fee in any one quarter, and a student should find it necessary to use the educational facilities of the University in any way other than requiring the attention of the faculty for a final reading of the dissertation or thesis or the taking of a doctoral final oral examination or master's comprehensive examination, the student must resume registration. If this should occur during a quarter in which the student has already paid the filing fee, the filing fee payment can be refunded once the student has resumed registration for the current term.
  7. The filing fee will not be refunded because the dissertation or thesis was not filed or the examination not taken or passed.
  8. If you intend to be on filing fee and you registered this term you must submit a Notice of Withdrawal form (iPDF-58KB) to the Graduate Division. Please keep in mind that a percentage of the registration fees paid is refunded according to the calendar date the Notice of Withdrawal is submitted to the Graduate Division. For information on refunds please visit the Registrarís Office website. You or your department may have to ask the Registrarís Office for an exception to the refund policy if you realize mid-quarter that your registration fees were paid even though you never attended classes. If you would like to be registered for the term, please ask your department to contact the Graduate Division so we may cancel and refund your filing fee.

Filing Fee Application Form

  1. Filing Fee Application (iPDF-183KB)
    Students may use the fling fee Application only if they were registered for the previous academic term, and satisfy the above eligibility criteria.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does continuous registration mean?

All students must be either registered for classes, on an official leave of absence, registered in absentia, or on filing fee for each quarter at UCLA. If a student does not register, apply for a leave, or pay the filing fee, s/he is considered to have withdrawn from the university and must apply for re-admittance to return.

For what length of time is the summer filing fee valid?

The summer filing fee is valid until the end of the interim period following the summer deadline.

Does a student need to be registered in summer to use the fall filing fee?

No, but the student must have been either registered for classes or registered in absentia in the spring. If the student was on a Leave of Absence in the spring, s/he cannot be on filing fee status in the fall.

May I hold employment at UCLA while I am using a Filing Fee?

You may not be employed in a) an Academic Apprentice Personnel Title (AAP) such as Graduate Student Researcher (GSR), Teaching Assistant/Associate/Fellow (TA), Reader or Tutor per Academic Apprentice Personnel Manual, page 6, b) an academic title at UCLA per Standards and Procedures for Graduate Study at UCLA, page 25 (for a list of academic titles, see Academic Personnel Office's Academic Title Code Listings) or c) a Staff Research Assistant/Associate in lieu of the GSR title unless under special circumstances and with the pre-approval by the Graduate Division per GSR Administrative Policies. For questions about academic apprentice appointments while a graduate student please contact Fellowships & Financial Services at (310) 825-1025.

I was on an official leave of absence last quarter. Can I use a filing fee this quarter?

No. To be eligible to use the filing fee, you must have been registered the previous quarter.

I am registered in absentia this quarter. Can I use the filing fee next quarter?

Yes. Being registered in absentia qualifies you to use the filing fee.

I paid the filing fee but I didn’t finish my thesis or dissertation/take my final exam. What should I do?

If you didnít complete your final degree requirements during your quarter when you paid the Filing Fee, you will need to apply for readmission to your program. Upon readmission, you will need to register and enroll in order to complete your degree. You will no longer be eligible for a Filing Fee.

I am a master's student. How long do I have to submit my thesis or take the comprehensive exam after I advance to candidacy?

One year. However, you must be continuously registered throughout your time. Please see above for the definition of continuous registration.

I am a master's student. I finished my coursework last fall and I haven't been registered in two quarters. Can I still pay the filing fee?

No. If you have not been registered or on an official leave of absence, you must apply for readmission to your program.

I will apply for readmission. Can I use the filing fee the quarter I am readmitted?

No. If you are readmitted, you must register the first quarter.

I am a master's student. I finished my coursework and now I need to register just to file my thesis or take my comprehensive exam. What courses do I register for?

Consult with your department about the appropriate courses to take.

I am a master's student and was on filing fee when I failed my comprehensive exam. Am I eligible to use a second filing fee to retake my comprehensive exam?

Yes. You are eligible to request a second filing fee to use in the subsequent academic quarter. If the exam is failed in the Spring quarter, the exam can be retaken in the summer or Fall. Your petition for a second filing fee must be accompanied by a letter from the department chair, and is due to the Graduate Division by the end of the second week of the quarter in which the filing fee is being requested.

I am going to be on filing fee this term, but I have been assessed registration fees. How can I cancel the registration fees for the term?

a. If you are eligible to use the filing fee for the term in which you expect to complete your final degree requirements, you may use MyUCLA to declare nonattendance. Declaring nonattendance will cancel your registration fees. If your filing fee is approved by the Graduate Division then you will be billed the filing fee in lieu of full registration fees.

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