Maximum Limit of Merit-Based Support

(Exclusive of full tuition/non-resident supplemental tuition support)

The Graduate Council has established a policy of Maximum Limit on the total amount of support a graduate student may receive. It includes special fellowships, stipends, and ASE/GSR earnings. The maximum limit will vary for each student (e.g., spouse, number of dependents, professional school enrollment, tuition support, summer enrollment, and whether the student lives on/off campus or with parents/guardians). The maximum limit listed below represents the maximum stipend and/or ASE/GSR earnings that a single student with no dependents (living off campus) may receive exclusive of tuition/non-resident supplemental tuition support.

Funding Type

Period/Term *

Maximum Limit Amount

Maximum Limit Explanation

All campus sources

July – June


The maximum support limit includes all campus funding sources that provide student support including fellowship stipend and/or ASE/GSR earnings.

Supplementation of TA and GSR appointments (all sources)

ASE or GSR appointment (or any combination of ASE and GSR appointments) may be supplemented with a fellowship from University funds up to the maximum.

Supplementation of Graduate Division Special Fellowship Awards

If the Graduate Division special fellowship stipend is less than the maximum, the award may be supplemented with University funds and/or ASE/GSR earnings up to the maximum.

Supplementation of Extramural Awards

If the extramural award exceeds the maximum, the student is entitled to the full amount of the award, but may not receive stipend supplementation from the University or be employed under an ASE/GSR title (unless supplementation is required by the extramural agency, e.g., NIH/NRSA).

If the award is less than the maximum, the award may be supplemented with University funds and/or ASE/GSR employment up to the maximum if permitted by the terms of the extramural award. A recipient should refer to their extramural award letter to determine if employment or fellowship supplementation is permitted. Recipients of Graduate Division-administered extramural awards (e.g., NSF GRFP, HHMI Gilliam Fellow, Ford) should consult the Graduate Division Fellowships Services Office in 1228 Murphy Hall.

* Funding period for Semesterly Students: June – May

Revised 10/2022

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