Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship

The U.S. Department of Education Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) fellowship program supports graduate training in modern foreign languages and related area studies during the summer (continuing students only) and academic year (new and continuing students). Academic-year awards provide a $15,000 stipend and full fees and tuition up to $18,000 (however, some Centers expect the student’s home department to cover fees and tuition). Summer awards provide up to $2,500 as a stipend and up to $5,000 for fees and tuition and up to $1,000 for travel expenses.

Entering students in all disciplines may apply for academic-year awards. Students must take one language and one area studies course for a letter grade each term during the academic year. Currently approved area programs are East Asia, Latin America, and Southeast Asia.

Currently approved languages include, for East Asia: Mandarin, Japanese and Korean; for Latin America: Portuguese, Quechua and Advanced Spanish (other less commonly taught Latin American languages, such as Haitian Creole, Zapotec and Nahuatl may be approved for summer study); and for Southeast Asia: Indonesian, Filipino/Tagalog, Khmer, Thai and Vietnamese.

To apply for a FLAS fellowship, students must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Fellowship recipients must be engaged in full-time study for the duration of their awards and must submit reports on the courses they pursue and the progress they make.

Awardees must take oral proficiency tests in the target language at the beginning and end of the FLAS award period and must agree to report to the U.S. Department of Education bi-annually for 10 years on their careers/occupations so that the Department can track the use FLAS recipients make of their language skills.

All FLAS applications must be completed online by the mid February 2016 deadline. Links to the application can be found on each of the websites of the Centers below as well as on the website of the UCLA International Institute. Required information includes a statement of purpose outlining one’s research and language-study plans, language-proficiency certification or evaluation, two letters of recommendation, transcripts, and CV.