Master’s Thesis Committee Regulations

  1. Master’s Thesis committees are appointed by the Dean of the Graduate Division, acting for the Graduate Council, upon nomination by the Chair of the Department (or Interdepartmental Program), after consultation with the student.
  2. Master’s Thesis committees consist of a minimum of three faculty members from UCLA.
  3. Master’s Thesis committee members must hold one of the following academic ranks:
    • Professor (any rank, regular series)
    • Professor Emeritus
    • Professor-in-Residence (any rank)
    • Acting Professor (any rank).
  4. Adjunct Professors (any rank), Professors of Clinical X (any rank), and Visiting Professors (any rank) may serve as one of the three regular members (not as chair) on professional (not M.A. or M.S.) master’s thesis committees.
  5. Acting Assistant Professors may serve as regular members, but not as chairs.
  6. The Chair of the committee and at least one other member must hold academic appointments in the student’s department or interdepartmental program at UCLA.
  7. Additional members from any of the above titles as well as those with the title of Lecturer may be appointed to the committee and/or serve as Co-Chairs, and shall have the same voting rights and responsibilities as the other committee members.
  8. By petition, one of the minimum three members may be a faculty member from another UC campus who holds an appropriate appointment as listed above.