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2022 UCLA Summer Programs for Undergraduate & Graduate Research - Application Form

Deadline: March 31st unless otherwise stated in the program description


Summer Programs at UCLA

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The University of California is required to report to federal and state agencies the ethnic/racial composition of its students. Therefore, we ask that you answer the following set of questions about your ethnic and racial identity. The application form is the primary data source of demographic data. The University holds such information confidential and uses it only for aggregated statistical purposes. Furthermore, this information will in no way influence the application review process.
The University is required by the U.S. Department of Education to ask you to answer the following two questions on race/ethnicity:
Do you consider yourself Hispanic or Latino?
Includes persons of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American or other Spanish culture or origin.
In addition, select one or more of the following racial categories as appropriate for you.

       Please specify tribe(s) [If more than one, please separate by commas]

For University of California purposes, to help us understand the diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds of our students, which of the following groups best describes your background? Check as many categories as may apply.
African American/Black Hispanic/Latino, or Spanish Origin Asian American/Asian
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander White/Caucasian

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Financial Aid

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Summer Research Major

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Participating in Other Programs

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Apply to Graduate School

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What is your ultimate degree objective

Become a Faculty Member

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Participated in Other Research Programs

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I hereby apply for the UCLA Summer Research Programs, and certify that all of the above statements are accurate. If selected, I agree to actively participate in the programmatic activities offered.

Last revised: September 21, 2021