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UCLA Graduate Division

Program Profile Report: Urban Planning

For historical information about this program please view the UCLA Graduate Programs Annual Report.

Admissions Data

 Average Number of Applicants


 Average Number of Admits


 Percent of Applicants Admitted


 Average Number of New Registrants


 Percent of Admits Registered


Applications, Admits, and New Registrants data are the averages for Fall 2009 - Fall 2013.

Percent of Applicants Admitted = number of admits divided by number of applications.

Percent of Admits Registered = number of new registrants divided by the number of admits.

Enrollment Data

 Average Number of Registrants Fall Term


 Percent Women


 Percent Underrepresented Minorities


 Percent International Students


 Percent with a Master's Degree Objective


 Percent with a Doctoral Degree Objective


Average Number of Registrants Fall Term = Average number enrolled for Fall 2009 - Fall 2013. This is adjusted for those programs that have not been in existence for the entire five years.

Underrepresented Minorities includes domestic students identified as American Indian/Native American, African American/Black, Mexican American/Chicano, Latino/Other Hispanic, and Filipino.

International Students are those on temporary visas. They include all students who are not US citizens, Permanent Residents, Immigrants, or Refugees.

Combined Master's & Doctoral Degree Objective percentages may appear lower than 100% if registrants are pursuing other degree objectives including JD, MD, or DDS degrees.

Degrees Awarded

 Total Number of Master's Degrees Awarded


 Average Time to Master's Degree (In Years)

 Total Number of Doctoral Degrees Awarded


 Average Time to Doctoral Degree (In Years)

Total masters and doctoral degree data are the number of degrees awarded from 2008-09 through 2012-13.

Average time-to-degree is calculated by counting and then aggregating the total number of elapsed terms for students whom were in graduate standing under the specific program's major code from point of entry through degree completion.