2024-2025 Admission Requirements for the Graduate Major in Statistics

Admissions Requirements for the Graduate Major in Statistics


After exploring options and choosing a specific program, follow the steps on our University’s graduate application process:

Deadlines to apply

Ph.D.: December 10, 2023
M.S. February 1, 2024

Admission Limited to


Exams & GRE Types

GRE: Highly recommended

Letters of Recommendation

3, that emphasize the applicant's level of preparation for graduate study in Statistics

UCLA-Wide Graduate Admissions Requirements

Degree-Specific Admissions Requirements

In addition to the University's minimum requirements and those listed above, all applicants are expected to submit a statement of purpose and the department's supplemental application found on the departmental website.

A bachelor's degree in statistics is not required for the M.S. or Ph.D. programs, but applicants should have taken at least 12 quarter courses (or eight semester courses) in substantial upper division quantitative work, including, but not limited to, courses in statistics, mathematics, computer science, and electrical engineering.

A GRE score is highly recommended when applying to the M.S. and Ph.D. programs of the Department of Statistics and Data Science.

M.S.: Applicants must have a cumulative grade-point average of at least 3.2 in upper division courses.

Ph.D.: For direct admission to the doctoral program, a grade-point average of at least 3.5 must be presented. Applicants who have already obtained a master's degree must have maintained an average of better than 3.5 in graduate study.

Program Name

(Statistics & Data Science)

Leading to the
degree of

M.S., Ph.D.

Major Code



8125 Math Sciences
Box 951554
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1554