2021-2022 Admission Requirements for the Graduate Major in Molecular and Medical Pharmacology

Admissions Requirements for the Graduate Major in Molecular and Medical Pharmacology


After exploring options and choosing a specific program, follow the steps on our University’s graduate application process:

Deadlines to apply

December 1, 2020

Admission Limited to


Exams & GRE Types

GRE: General and subject exam optional

Letters of Recommendation


UCLA-Wide Graduate Admissions Requirements

Degree-Specific Admissions Requirements

In addition to the University's minimum requirements and those listed above, all applicants must have received a bachelor's degree in a biological or physical science, engineering, or in the premedical curriculum. All applicants must submit a statement of purpose.

M.S.: The M.S. degree in Molecular and Medical Pharmacology is offered only under special circumstances; for example, to those who already have a doctoral degree in another field and who wish to obtain additional training in pharmacology, or to students who are already in the program and, for some reason, cannot continue for the Ph.D.

Ph.D.: Prerequisite courses include basic biology, basic chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, and laboratory. Courses in computer science, engineering, genetics, molecular biology, physical chemistry, and physics are encouraged. In suitable cases, students who have course deficiencies may be admitted to graduate status, but any deficiencies must be remedied within a specified time.

The Department of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology offers two M.D./Ph.D. Programs concurrently with the UCLA School of Medicine. One is the Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) in which candidates are medical students that have been accepted into MSTP by the medical school. The second is the Specialty Training and Advanced Research (STAR) Program in which candidates are post-M.D. housestaff (interns, residents, or fellows) who have been accepted into the STAR Program by its selection committee.

Program Name

Molecular and Medical Pharmacology

Molecular and Medical Pharmacology is the major for the Molecular Pharmacology: Diagnostics, Therapeutics and the Biology of Disese home area in Graduate Programs in Bioscience.

Leading to the
degree of

M.S., Ph.D.

Admits only Ph.D. applicants.

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