2024-2025 Admission Requirements for the Graduate Major in Architecture

Admissions Requirements for the Graduate Major in Architecture


After exploring options and choosing a specific program, follow the steps on our University’s graduate application process:

Deadlines to apply

January 6, 2024

Admission Limited to


Exams & GRE Types

GRE: Not required

Letters of Recommendation


UCLA-Wide Graduate Admissions Requirements

Degree-Specific Admissions Requirements

In addition to the University's minimum requirements and those listed above, all applicants are expected to submit a statement of purpose, creative portfolio, and the departmental supplement. Applicants should refer to Portfolio Guidelines on the Architecture website for specific instructions.

M.A.: The M.A. program in Architecture offers an academic degree and prepares students to do specialized research or teaching in fields related to the architecture profession. Applicants should possess the experience and knowledge that would allow advanced research in whatever aspect of architecture they plan to explore within the context of the master's program.

It may be possible for an M.A. student in Architecture to petition to transfer from the M.A. to the Ph.D. program.

Ph.D.: Applicants should have completed a first professional degree in architecture (a five-year Bachelor of Architecture degree or a professional Master of Architecture degree). Applicants who hold degrees in other fields also are encouraged to apply; however, at the discretion of the Ph.D. Program Committee, they may be required to complete specific coursework in the department as a condition of admission.

In addition to requirements listed above, the application dossier must include (1) a short biographical resume; (2) examples of research and/or creative work; and (3) a proposed program of studies.

Where feasible, the Ph.D. Program Committee may require an interview.

Admission to the program is granted to a small group each year, according to the following criteria:

(1) Evidence of capacity for original scholarship and research in architecture, and ability to achieve eminence in the field.
(2) Demonstration of an outstanding academic record through the evidence of grades (3.5 minimum grade-point average), GRE scores, and references.
(3) Demonstration of adequate communication skills, particularly in writing, in the work submitted.
(4) Presentation of a clear and realistic statement of purpose.

Program Name

(Architecture and Urban Design)

Please note that the three-year M.Arch.I and the 10-month Architecture -- M.S. in Architecture and Urban Design are offered as separate majors.

Leading to the
degree of

M.A., Ph.D.

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