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UCLA Graduate Division

UCLA Childcare Reimbursement Program



This program is for registered UCLA students holding at least a 25% ASE and/or GSR appointment during the academic year and who have (a) qualified dependent(s). An ASE/GSR who meets the standard eligibility requirements will be offered a reimbursement of up to $900 per quarter or $1,350 per semester for childcare costs during the academic year. Additionally, an ASE/GSR who meets the standard eligibility criteria for a summer session appointment can be reimbursed up to $900 for eligible expenses incurred during the summer. The $900 limit applies regardless of the number of summer terms an ASE/GSR may work in a calendar year. To be eligible for reimbursement during the summer term, the ASE/GSR must also be a registered student in the regular academic terms preceding and following the summer session appointment.


Qualified dependent: A qualified dependent(s) shall include children, in the custody of the ASE/GSR, who are age 12 or under on July 1st, i.e., claimed as a dependent on the ASE/GSR tax return.

Allowable receipts: If care is provided in a day-care center, the center must charge a fee. If the center cares for six or more dependents who are not residents, it must comply with all state and local licensing laws and applicable regulations. Expenses incurred before the beginning of or after the end of a term are not eligible for reimbursement. Child care provided by the spouse, a child of the ASE/GSR under age 19, or someone else the ASE/GSR claims as a dependent for tax purposes is not reimbursable.

Reimbursement Process

  1. Normally, at the end of the quarter or semester, or when the maximum reimbursement amount has been reached during the term, the GSR downloads the GSR Childcare Reimbursement form and the ASE downloads the ASE Child Care Reimbursement Form UBEN 254.
  2. The ASE/GSR completes the form, certifies that the appropriate program requirements are met and submits the form and applicable child care provider receipt(s) to the hiring unitís personnel officer or other campus designated office.
  3. Reimbursement requests must be submitted after the expenses are incurred. Reimbursement requests must be submitted via UBEN 254 form no later than the last day of the following term, (e.g. reimbursement for Fall quarter must be submitted by the end of Winter quarter). If the reimbursement is for Spring term, the request must be submitted before the first day of the Fall term.

Note: Two GSR/ASE employees may not each claim the credit for the same provider care for an eligible child unless the provider care exceeded the term dollar limit of $900 per quarter or $1,350 per semester. The second GSR/ASE employee may claim the additional expense reimbursement by submitting a separate claim.

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