Childbirth Accommodation Funding Petition

The UCLA Childbirth Accommodation Fund was established to provide expectant mothers who work as GSRs, or who hold extramural fellowships that do not fund maternity leave, with paid leave for up to six weeks. A student may choose to continue to work in some modified capacity during these six weeks but is not required to do so. A longer period of leave may be granted, without pay, in the case of exceptional medical circumstances experienced by the mother or child before or after birth.

Six weeks of maternity leave funding are automatically granted for expectant mothers holding UCLA Fellowships, Graduate Division Endowed Fellowships or fellowships offered by academic departments and centers at UCLA. (Refer to the Graduate Student Financial Support booklet for lists of these fellowships.) Also, a student holding a TAship is eligible to receive up to six (6) weeks of paid leave for pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions for the period prior to, during and after childbirth (refer to Article 17 Leaves of the University of California and the UAW contract). You do not need to apply for Childbirth Accommodation Funding if you have an appointment as a TA nor if you have these types of fellowships.



• You must be currently enrolled in an academic master’s or doctoral degree program. Students in professional degree programs are not eligible.

• During the time of requested leave, you must be employed as a GSR for at least ten hours per week, OR be an extramural fellowship recipient. Students appointed as Readers or Tutors, which are hourly positions, are not eligible.

• Spouses, partners and adoptive parents are not eligible.

• GSRs are eligible to be paid for up to 50% time (20 hours per week).

How to Apply

How to Apply

• If you are a GSR, notify your department about your anticipated leave as soon as possible. The Petition for Childbirth Accommodation Funding is due at least 30 days in advance of the leave, except in circumstances where the leave is unanticipated.

• Fill out the student section of the Petition for Childbirth Accommodation Funding and give it to your academic department. You will need the endorsement of your Graduate Advisor and
Chair/Vice Chair. Your department should submit the completed Petition to the Graduate Division Fellowships and Financial Services office at 1228 Murphy Hall, Mail Code 144401.

• You and your department will receive an email when your petition has been reviewed.

Additional Info & Benefits

Additional Information and Benefits

• Research doctoral students who are undergoing childbirth or coping with other serious parenting demands are allowed additional time to meet established deadlines for passing preliminary and/or qualifying examinations and completing their dissertations. See page 43 of Standards and Procedures for Graduate Study at UCLA for more details.

• Most extramural fellowships will defer to University policy and fund up to six weeks of maternity leave. If this is the case, you do not need to apply for Childbirth Accommodation Funding.

• You may apply for Childbirth Accommodation Funding for multiple fellowships concurrently. If you have a GSR appointment AND extramural fellowships, you may apply for funding for all of them.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I receive funding from both my department and the Childbirth Accommodation Fund?

Not during the same time period. The Childbirth Accommodation Fund is meant to replace departmental funding during your leave.

2. Am I eligible if I have a Graduate Division or departmental fellowship?

Six weeks of maternity leave funding are automatically granted for expectant mothers holding Graduate Division or departmental fellowships. You do not need to apply for Childbirth Accommodation Funding.

3. Am I eligible if I am adopting a child or if I am a father?

No. The Childbirth Accommodation Fund is for birth mothers.

4. Are master’s students eligible?

Academic master’s students are eligible; professional master’s students are not.

5. Is funding available during the summer?


6. If I work more than 50% time as a GSR, can I receive Childbirth Accommodation Funding for the full amount of my salary?

No. The Childbirth Accommodation Fund only pays GSRs for up to 50% time.

7. How will the funds be disbursed to me?

They will be automatically deposited into your BruinBill account as a fellowship stipend award.

8. If my childbirth leave spans two quarters, am I eligible for Childbirth Accommodation funding for the whole six weeks?

It depends on if your GSR appointment funding spans both quarters. If you are only funded for one quarter, you will only receive funding for childbirth leave taken during that quarter. If you are funded for both quarters, you will receive funding for childbirth leave taken during both quarters. If your leave occurs during any University holidays or breaks, you will not receive funding for those days.

9. Can I request more than six weeks?


• Will I lose my tuition/fee coverage?


• Will I lose my remission benefits?



Jenny Tang,
Fellowships and Financial Services
1228 Murphy Hall