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UCLA Graduate Division

Forms of Interest to Current Students

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  • BruinDirect Deposit 
    Sign up for electronic deposit of fellowship awards and traineeships stipends. 



  • Filing Fee Application 
    Used in lieu of registration if all requirements for the degree, except for taking the final oral examination (if required), filing the dissertation/thesis, or taking the comprehensive exam, are met. 



  • In Absentia Registration Petition 
    Used to request a reduction of the campus Registration Fee for students who need to be registered while studying or doing research outside of California. 


  • Language Petition (iPDF-244KB)
    This petition may be used to fulfill or partially fulfill a language requirement. 
  • Leave of Absence Request 
    This form may be use to request a leave of absence or an extension of a current leave of absence from graduate study at UCLA. 





  • Student Research & Travel Reimbursement Form (iPDF-189KB)
    Used by Dissertation Year Fellowship, Graduate Research Mentorship & Summer Research Mentorship, and Research Travel Grant award recipients to request reimbursements. 


  • TA Advanced Loan Authorization Form (iPDF-157KB)
    Apprentice teaching personnel are eligible to receive checks in advance of TA service as short-term interest-free loans, repaid by payroll deductions from TA compensation. 



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