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UCLA Graduate Division

Graduate Division Deans

The Vice Provost for Graduate Education/Graduate Dean oversees the Division and is an ex officio member of the Graduate Council. The Dean and the Associate Deans provide academic leadership for program development, planning, and decision making in the Graduate Division. The deans are available for assistance if students cannot solve problems within their departments.

Samuel Bersola – Assistant Vice Provost

Assistant Vice Chancellor Bersola Assistant Vice Provost Bersola works with the Vice Provost/Dean on the overall administration of Graduate Division services, on special projects and programmatic efforts to improve graduate education.

Carlos V. Grijalva – Associate Dean

Dean Grijalva Dean Grijalva serves as the liaison to the Graduate Council Committee on on Fellowships and Assistantships. In addition he has major responsibility for fellowships, outreach and diversity issues.

Joseph Watson – Associate Dean

Dean Watson Dean Watson serves as the liaison to the Graduate Council Committee on Degree Programs. In addition he is responsible for Visiting Graduate Researcher policy, Postdoctoral Fellows and Visiting Scholars.

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