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Online Workshop: Teaching Inclusively
Dec 12 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

As student demographics become more diverse, incidents of race and racism, privilege and power regularly impact undergraduates on our campuses. Without training, knowing how to address these inequities effectively can be uncomfortable and challenging. This workshop is designed to build your confidence in dealing with “hot moments” or “difficult discussions” in the classroom by giving you practice navigating these situations.

Participants will:

(1) to explore the perspectives of underrepresented and minoritized students on our campuses,

(2) discuss a framework for addressing hot moments and difficult discussions in the classroom, and

(3) practice what to say during these hot moments or difficult discussions.

The emphasis in the session is on saying, deconstructing conversations and receiving feedback.


Workshop Schedule

This workshop will have one online session. The exact date is TBD; it will be either Tuesday, December 5 or Tuesday, December 12. The session will take place at 2-4PM ET / 1-3PM CT / 12-2PM MT / 11AM-1PM PT.



Participants will have readings to complete before the first session.


Registration & Enrollment

This workshop is open for registration from Monday, November 6 through Monday, November 27 (exact dates may change pending the final workshop schedule). The workshop is limited to 40 participants; STEM/SBE grad students and postdocs from CIRTL institutions receive priority. CIRTL staff refer to the institution and discipline in your website profile when assessing priority.


For More Information and Registration:

The Data Incubator
Jan 2 @ 9:00 am

Program: The Data Incubator is an intensive 8 week fellowship that prepares masters students, PhDs, and postdocs in STEM and social science fields seeking industry careers as data scientists. The program is free for Fellows and supported by sponsorships from hundreds of employers across multiple industries. In response to the overwhelming interest in our earlier sessions, we will be holding another fellowship.

Who Should Apply: Anyone who has already obtained a masters or PhD degree or who is within one year of graduating with a masters or PhD is welcome to apply. Applications from international students are welcome. Everyone else is encouraged to sign-up for a future session.

Locations: In addition to the below in-person locations, we will have a remote online session:

  • New York City
  • San Francisco Bay Area
  • Seattle
  • Boston
  • Washington, DC.

Dates: All sections will be from 2018-01-02 to 2018-02-23.

Application Link:

Data Science in 30 minutes: Learn how to build a data-science project in our upcoming free Data Science in 30-minutes webcast. Signup soon as space is limited.

Learn More: You can learn about our fellows at The New York Times, LinkedIn, Amazon, Capital One, or Palantir. To read about our latest fellow alumni, check out our blog. To learn more about The Data Incubator, check us out on Venture Beat, The Next Web, or Harvard Business Review.

Resume 101 @ Career Center, Room 200
Jan 10 @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm

In this hands-on workshop, graduate students and postdocs will explore the function of a resume and its major components, as well as how to reframe their work as graduate students into tangible skills employers value. Participants will learn to strategically format and structure a resume. Please bring two copies of your current resume.

Co-sponsored by: UCLA Career Center & UCLA Graduate Division

Finding and Creating Internships @ Career Center, Room 200
Jan 18 @ 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm

This workshop is designed specifically for advanced degree students and postdocs interested in gaining more experience in industry, government, or nonprofits. Attendees will explore industry-specific resources and learn how to prepare for recruitment cycles and application processes, as well as discover creative strategies for proposing and developing entirely new experiential opportunities for learning about industries and careers.

Co-sponsored by: UCLA Career Center & UCLA Graduate Division

CIRTL: Diversity in the College Classroom @ online
Jan 22 all-day

Understand the theory behind how diversity affects learning and develop practical classroom strategies in this course designed for STEM/SBE grad students and postdocs.

Deadline to register is January 22, 2018.

For more information please click here.

CIRTL: Research Mentor Training @ online
Jan 22 all-day

Work with a community of peers to develop and improve your research mentoring skills in this engaging seminar.

Deadline to register is January 22, 2018.

For more information please click here.

CIRTL: The College Classroom @ online
Jan 22 all-day

Get an introduction to key learning principles and the basics of effective teaching practices in this course about teaching in the STEM college classroom.

Deadline to register is January 22, 2018.

For more information please click here.

Engaging Students in the Teaching of Statistics (short course) @ online
Jan 22 all-day

Dive into the literature on STEM teaching and learning in this discussion-based journal club.

Deadline to register is January 22, 2018.

For more information please click here.

Preparing for Career Fair and STEM Networking Night 1/22/18 @ Career Center Conference Room A/B 3rd Floor
Jan 22 @ 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Learn strategies and etiquette for navigating the Engineering and Tech Career Fair and STEM Networking Night. Make the most of your time at both events with a clear plan and expectations. All participants who complete the workshop will receive a pass for early and express access to the STEM Networking Night. Eligible participants include both graduate students and postdoctoral scholars within the STEM field.

Co-sponsored by the UCLA Career Center and UCLA Graduate Division

To register click here.