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Stanford University, Stanford Molecular Imaging Scholars Program (SMIS)

Deadline   5/11/2016 
Description   The Stanford School of Medicine awards 8 postdoctoral and postgraduate scholars with up to 3 years of support with molecular imaging. The School of Medicine is part of Stanford University, located in Stanford California. Fellows will be assigned 2 mentors to help them carry out research related to their research interests. This diverse training program brings together more than 13 departments, predominantly from the Stanford Schools of Medicine and Engineering, in order to train the next generation of interdisciplinary leaders in molecular imaging. Oncologic molecular imaging is a rapidly growing area within molecular imaging which combines the disciplines of chemistry, cell/molecular biology, molecular pharmacology, physics, bioengineering, imaging sciences, and clinical medicine to advance cancer research, diagnosis and management. 
Award Amount   Stipend level varies depending on Fellow's research experience. Stanford's postdoc salary guidelines: 
Disciplines   Life Sciences. Physical Sciences. School of Engineering. Health Sciences. School of Public Health. School of Nursing. Chemistry, Cell/Molecular Biology, Molecular Pharmacology, Physics, Bioengineering, Imaging Sciences, Clinical Medicine 
Academic Level   Postdoctoral Scholar.  
Citizenship   Open only to U.S. citizens or permanent residents.  
Requirements   Applicants must have a PhD or MD. Research achievements, including publications. 3 letters of recommendation. Merit of proposed research, in particular, its relevance to the mission of the SMIS program. Evidence of interdisciplinary work in previous research. Academic records, including GPA and GRE scores. CV. Career goals statement. Research proposal about cancer imaging.  
Award Type   Fellowship/Grant 
Sofia Gonzales
Stanford Molecular Imaging Scholars Program
Stanford University Medical Center
300 Pasteur Drive, Room H0101
Stanford, CA 94305-5281
(650) 724-9139
Last Updated   6/15/2015 1:41:00 PM 

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